Hospital Law

Are you a hospital based physician? Then you have to deal with a diversity of legal regulations related to your hospital activities.

Do you have to deal with legal issues arising from your relationship with the direction of the hospital or with any of your colleagues? Do you need legal advice concerning the reorganization measures taken by your hospital owner? Are you planning a cooperation agreement with other attending physicians in own practice? Do you have questions about compensation for the performed medical services?

The law firm Kanzlei am Ärztehaus can help you to answer all these questions providing you with comprehensive legal advice on all aspects adherent to the hospital law an your field of work, in particular:

  • Compensation and liquidation law
  • Target agreements
  • Employment law (chief physician contracts, contracts of employment, decisional power, notice or dismissal)
  • Outsourcing, closure of wards
  • Liquidation and compensation in case of revenue sharing with other health care providers
  • Non-statutory benefit agreements
  • Cooperation agreements (health care centres, networked practices, clinics)
  • Participation in the ambulant treatment (authorization, appointment, Accreditation)
  • Legal issues related to advanced and professional trainings