Sören Kleinke
Specialist Solicitor on Medical Law
Visiting lecturer at the University of Osnabrück

Sören Kleinke studied law at the Westphalia Wilhelms University of Münster. In 1996, after his post graduate judicial clerkship (the German Referendariat) with specialisation in medical law, he began to practice law. Since then he is working as a lawyer focusing on medical law cases.

Since 2006 Sören Kleinke has been representing the Office of Osnabrück of the law firm Kanzlei am Ärztehaus. In 2007 he became visiting lecturer at the  of Osnabrück. Sören Kleinke is regularly publishing on relevant journals and participating to various events as a special referee on legal topics.

Sören Kleinke is born in Münster. He is not married and he is living in Osnabrück.

Foreign languages: German and English.

Areas of specialisation:

  • Cooperation agreements
  • SHI-physician law
  • Establishment and operation of health care centres (the German MVZ), integrated care
  • Reimbursement law

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