Cooperation Partners

We are a team player. The lawyers of the law firm Kanzlei am Ärztehaus have a profound legal knowledge on the field of medical and insurance law which is complemented by an extensive experience emanating from many years of practicing consultancy.

However we have an interdisciplinary consultancy objective. We want to offer comprehensive advice through an expertise which exceeds the ordinary consultancy on medical and insurance law.

The law firm Kanzlei am Ärztehaus focuses on expertise sharing and cooperation to safeguard its clients‘ interests. The layers of the law firm Kanzlei am Ärztehaus have at their disposal a diversified network of cooperation and network partners who will be glad to offer their highly qualified expertise if our lawyers and their clients will retain it necessary.

Have a look to our cooperation partners. We highly appreciate their empirical values which help us to improve our consultancy services. Our clients appreciate this too.

Our lawyers has also a diversified group of network partners at their disposal, whose publications and professional expertise represent an important contribution to provide highly qualified consultancy.

Describe your problem and together with our cooperation and network partners we will be glad to find out the best and most competent solution for you.