Insurance Broker

The working way of an insurance broker and of multiple agents is characterized by a great diversity of professional and legal challenges.  Insurance brokers and multiple agents must have a profound knowledge of the market of insurance products and an outstanding expertise in the settlement of claims, but it is the European Directive on insurance mediation which enhances considerably the requirements on the quality of their consultancy services.

The law firm Kanzlei am Ärztehaus will be glad to assist you during the phase of consultancy by the customers’ acquisition as well as in supporting them during the phase of development of your agent-customer relationship. Moreover we will be glad to provide extensive legal advice in the drafting of contracts with insurance companies and other employees.

Our consultancy services include the following areas:

  • Support by the conclusion of a contract providing customers with independent legal advice (comparison of the contractual conditions, independent insurance analysis, formulation of concepts)
  • Customers assistance in case of contractual problems with other insurance companies
  • Assistance of your customer service department by representing your customer during legal proceedings in case of an event of damage
  • Legal advice on rights and duties of customers and insurers
  • Consultancy on the European Directive on insurance mediation (2002/92/EC)
  • Defence during liability cases
  • Legal advice and handling of proceedings in case of provision reclaim issues
  • Drafting of employees agreements